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We all start out life with great flexibility and adaptiveness.

Over time, both our bodies and our minds stiffen. We become less mobile and less open to trying new things.

I'll show you how to gain or regain flexibility both physically and as you navigate through life.

Here's what some of my online students have to say:

Bound Squat

Get fit and feel great any time, anywhere!

On-Demand classes are now offered through Burnalong. You'll be able to stream all of my stretching and vinyasa flow yoga classes, along with those from hundreds of other teachers for around $5 a month!

My unique discount code is: BM23a 

On-Demand Sounds Great! Take Me There!

What To Expect From Your Online Classes

This is what you will be getting when you work with me online.

Experienced Coaching

With more than 20 years mind and body coaching experience, my expert coaching will help you maximize your energy,  feel great, and love your body!

Personal Attention

Whether you join an on-demand class or opt for live private classes, be assured that you will receive encouragement, correction, and engaging sequences to practice live or recorded. 

Greater Wellbeing!

As you train with Beth, you will begin to notice improvements in your flexibility, overall fitness, and general well-being.

It's never been so convenient to fit in great workouts!

By working out online with Beth, you'll have all the benefits of working out in a studio or gym!  All you need is a computer, tablet or phone, and you can workout from anywhere, any time. Burnalong discount code: BM23a


Increase flexibility, balance and strength...

...and feel renewed !

Step 1

Sign Up!

Step 2

Show up online!

Step 3

Get fit!

What can yoga do for you?

Training with Beth can help you improve fitness, mobility, and well-being. With personalized attention, you'll improve with each class, feel great, and have improved performance in other sports! 

  • Lose weight

  • Improve your breathing

  • Increase flexibility 

  • Perform better in other sports

  • Go through each day with calmness 

  • Improve your focus and mental clarity

Practice Anywhere!!

All you need is a phone, computer, or tablet, and you can bring the training to you! Beth's classes and hundreds of others are available on the Burnalong platform. My unique discount code: BM23a will get you full access for about $5 a month! Staying in shape and feeling great has never been more convenient!

Let's go! I'm ready to start!

Kind Words from Clients 

Clients become family, and I partner with you to help you reach your fitness, weight-loss, and mindfulness goals. 

I loved this class. I could see and hear everything clearly, very clear instructions, and felt seen and supported by Beth every step of the way. She gave plenty of modifications and variations for the poses. I loved the dynamic rhythm of the class. 


Yoga Student

Before working with Beth, I felt hopeless, and now with Beth’s guidance, I feel better equipped to manage my weight loss goals. I found Beth to be accessible, reliable and flexible, and I feel that she has a great deal of integrity.


1:1 Coaching

I thought your class was great! You did a fantastic job of making everyone comfortable and teaching to everyone's level. Your demonstrations were great. The pacer was good, even for a beginner like me.


Yoga Student

I have learned so much about myself because of my work with Beth. She knows exactly where to guide me, and together we peel away the unhealthy aspects so they may be healed. I’m happy to say I began to see big shifts after just one session. I am changing. My confidence is growing ,and I am learning to love myself. I look forward to continue working with Beth, and I am excited about my future."


1:1 Coaching

Loved the class! I 'll very likely take it again. Your pacing was great. You gave modifications for difficult poses so that any student of any level could benefit. Great class!


Yoga Student

When I first met Beth, I struggled a lot with maintaining motivation and overcoming a well-practiced ability to self-sabotage. I feel so supported, cared for, and more confident as a result of working with Beth. With her depth of knowledge, variety of skills and techniques, and enormous heart to trust in, I am so excited to continue working with her and experiencing the ongoing, wonderful results inside and out!


1:1 Coaching

And just who am I?

Happy to meet you! I'm Beth. I taught my first fitness class in (gulp) 1985! I've served as a life coach for more than 10 years, helping people find peace and purpose. I want you to know the joy that comes from nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. My yoga classes and other coaching offer balance, flexibility, and strength, both physically and emotionally. Like me, you can successfully transform your body, strengthen your mind, and reduce stress, so you feel great-inside and out!

More About Me

How does online yoga work?

You get all the benefits of a full studio workout from the comfort of your home. Each class is warm and welcoming - suitable for beginning or advanced students. Modifications for students of all levels. Keep your camera off or leave it on for specific guidance and coaching.

  • Personalized instruction

  • Group  or private sessions

  • Live feedback

  • Step-by-step instruction and demos

  • Beginner friendly format

  • Live Q and A at the end of each class

How can Beth help you?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get back into shape, gain flexibility, and have a renewed sense of wellbeing, even in stressful situations. Feel great inside and out! Join in an online group yoga class or, for individual instruction, ask about private sessions for you and a friend.

Sign me up!

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